Friday, September 4, 2009


超简单又好吃的自制低脂薯片 。 真得要谢谢Nancy Mummy 私房菜了。昨晚晚餐时,我弄了自制低脂薯片给Jesper 吃。老公也很好奇地拿了一片来吃。他的反应“哇!这是什么?好吃咯!”哈哈。。。

* 一定要放在蛋糕纸上。 如用盘的话就要下心了。会很烫的。

* 贴心预告:如果薯片黑了(浅巧克力色也算 - 如我照片的颜色)就代表烧焦了。 会很苦的。

Jesper 抢着不和我们share。 一直说好吃。


  1. Adam and Zoe WalkerSeptember 4, 2009 at 8:04 PM

    Now that u have an oven, u can cook them in the oven also.. try to just make olive oil and salt flavour.. surprisingly very flavoursome leh.. sweet potatoes chips are also very nice..
    i dun make them very often.. cos too troublesome to cut them.. and they disappear so quickly.. as u know la, adam and i eat a lot of chips.. if i were to make home cook chips to satisfy our cravings.. i would have to spend at least 5 hours a week in making chips haha.. easier to buy $2.50 pack of chips.. although.. the chips packets keep shrinking :( from 300g to 280g, to 220g.. now only 200g and 180g :( sian! :( price still the same but volume shrunk :( rip off!

  2. Wah... sis, you really a chips hunter. I didn't know that you know this recipe. I msn you last few days & wanna to let you know this recipe but it was Adam who's online.

    Australi chips are much more yummy than m'sia. Pls... pls.... pls... buy for me when are back again.

  3. Adam and Zoe WalkerSeptember 8, 2009 at 7:12 PM

    I'm a chips expert.. (stating that with a very proud look ;)) By just eating a chip, i can tell u wat flavour they are, and wat brand.. hehe :D very proud of my skills haha
    not a problem.. will bring u some chips when i go back next.. joshua likes smith original thin chips right?
    To be honest, i miss m'sian chips and like m'sian chips more.. we got more flavous in m'sia.. miss the twisties leh.. i guess u always miss wat u can't have haha..
    I'm tempted to go back in April.. airasia got some cheap fairs.. originally, i plan to go back end of next year.. but with my job, jun to jan are busy seasons.. so, can only take holidays between feb and jun.. hmm.. gotta do more planning.. save up quickly.. if i go back this time, i think i'll only go back for a few days, then go to japan or hong kong or bali.. every year only go back to m'sia, never get to see other countries also.. sian

  4. Zoe,

    Yeah.. Joshua & I like the original flavour only.

    M'sia is your home, so you have no choice but to come back here for holiday.

    Going to Japan/HK/ Bali?? That's great. Hey... but i thought you went Bali before? I wanted to go Bali but.... Joshua has a condition. That's go with his parents. Seow... Bali is a romantic place. I rather give up rather than go with his parents. Sorry to say that.

  5. Adam and Zoe WalkerSeptember 9, 2009 at 5:42 PM

    nola.. haven't been to bali.. was very close to going to bali.. found cheap package and everything.. but adam couldn't get time off :( so we never made it to bali lor :P
    yea.. bali is a fun place, or romantic.. it's for young ppl to go there party or honeymooning.. old ppl go there for wat wor?
    Check out my friend's website.. it's got nice tips on places u can go to as young ppl..