Monday, September 7, 2009

基本甜面包 (Basic Sweet Bread Dough)

食谱来自:- 滥赛珍 (Agnes Chang)


400g 高筋面粉, sifted (high protein flour / bread flour)
100g低筋面粉, sifted (low protein flour / cake flour)
1小匙面包改良剂,随意 (bread improver)
10g 奶粉
1 小匙盐
1 大匙 instant yeast
100g 幼糖 (castor sugar)
1 粒蛋


75g 牛油/ 马芝林


1)将全部材料A 搅拌盆里搅均陈光滑的面团 (Put all ingredients A into a bowl and mix into a smooth dough)
2)假如材料B,继续拌打至起筋, 有弹性及可拉得很薄但不会破裂 (Add B and continue to knead until gluten has developed and it can be stretched into a very thin layer)
3)盖上干净的湿布,发至双倍大 (cover with a piece of damp cloth and leave to rise until it doubles in bulk)
4)将面团按压及擦柔光滑 (Punch down and knead again until smooth)
5)将面团分成需要的份量, 揉圆 (Divide into desired portions and shape into balls)
6)盖上湿布c,体面10-15 分钟便可随意包入个种馅料及做成各种不同形状的面包 (Cover with damp cloth and rest for 10-15 minutes before foaming into different shapes. Different fillings may be used)

* 搅拌机(mixer)是主角。如果你要面包做得好吃又容易得话。就一定要买好的搅拌机。 不要好像我。。。 拿了我爸家的烂搅拌机。怎样搅也好,我的面团也不能如 (2)。搞到我的鸡肉松面包卷 (Chicken Ham Bun) 软绵绵的。

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